Portfolio Category: New York

Evil Twin

Best Seller: Modern IPA Website: www.eviltwin.dk Year-Round: Imperial Biscotti Break Even More Jesus Imperial Stout Falco IPA I Love You With My Stout Sour Bikini No Hero Stout Molotov Cocktail IPA Wet Dream Espresso Brown Ale Seasonal: Soft Dookie Imperial Stout Limited Imperial Simcoe Slacker IPA Liquid Double Fudge Imperial Stout Molotov Simcoe Triple IPA
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Best Seller: Legacy IPA Website: saranac.com Year-Round: Gen IV Session IPA Pale Ale Adirondack Lager Adirondack Trail Mix Variety Pack Seasonal: Pumpkin Ale Octoberfest Dark-tober(fest) Cloud Splitter Kolsch Carmel Porter Limited Seasonal Variety Pack
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Southern Tier

Best Seller: 2x IPA Website: stbcbeer.com Year-Round: IPA Live Pale Ale 2X Milk Stout Matt and Phin Ale Tangier Session IPA Pack of Pales Variety Super Variety Pilsner Seasonal: 2X Tangier 2X Smash 2X Christmas 2x Presso Harvest Helles Summer Hop Sun Old Man Winter Ale Limited Pumpking Krampus Warlock 3 Citrus Peel Out Choklat Oranj Crème Brulee Choklat Mokah Salted Caramel
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