Portfolio Category: Pittsburgh Beers

Full Pint Brewing Company

Best Seller: Chinookee IPA Seasonal: Festive Ale Website: fullpintbrewing.com Other Details: Offers Variety Pack White Lightning Belgian-Style Wheat Ale Gus Double IPA All In Amber Hobnobber Session IPA Tri-PA Imperial IPA Night Of The Living Stout Little Brown Ale Perc E Bust Coffee Porter Spruce Ale    
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North Country Brewing

Best Seller: Firehouse Red Website: northcountrybrewing.com Other Details: Offers Variety Pack Buck Snort Stout Stinky Hippie Pale Ale Jack Frost Winter Warmer Paleo IPA Late Night Pumpkin Ale Ryeparian Rye (APA) Slimy Pebbles Pilsner Bucco Blonde  
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Penn Brewery

AKA: Pennsylvania Brewing Best Seller: Penn Pilsner Seasonal: Penn St. Nikolaus Bock Website: pennbrew.com Other Details: Offers Variety Pack Penn Gold Penn Dark Ginger Beer Penn Weizen Pumpkin Roll Ale Nut Roll Ale Chocolate Meltdown Marzen Brick Biergarten IPA Penn Oktoberfest  
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